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photo editing

Best Photo Editing Apps For Mobile (Free)

  1. Snapseed:

An editing app by Google, easy to use and does have all the basic editing tools for you.


  1. Adobe Lightroom:

An app by Adobe, has all the basic editing tools, in a little sophisticated manner.


  1. PicsArt:

One of the most popular mobile editing app that offers more than basic editing. You can draw, blend multiple images and can do much more.


  1. VSCO:

An app that not only offers image editing but also basic video editing. You can either edit your video or you can create one by using various images that you’ve edited previously in the app (or outside as well).


  1. Polarr:

Another sophisticated app that offers different color tones and much more for making a visually striking image.


  1. BONUS – Canva:

This app if more of a graphic designer than image editor. If you love graphics on your images then this app is for you!


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