Editing a Picture

editing a picture

Basic Tips For Editing A Picture

  1. Adjust Brightness:

If your image does not have enough light in it then increasing the brightness will do your work, and if your image have more than enough light then decrease the brightness accordingly so that the image and object in it is visible properly.


  1. Tailor the Contrast:

High contrast images have bright highlights and dark shadows. Tailor your image accordingly to get a more vivid look (by increasing contrast) or more subdued look (by decreasing contrast).


  1. Lighten up Shadows:

If clicking an image outdoor especially against sun, then lighting up shadows can make image or object in it more visible (if the image is blown out by direct sunlight).


  1. Increase the Highlights:

Highlights enables you to brighten or darken the bright areas of an image, and is mostly used for outdoor images when the sky is blown out.


  1. Sharpen Slightly:

Sharpening is a technique for increasing the sharpness of an image. It deducts blurred or un-sharp areas of the image and detects edges to sharpen. It helps in making a sharp image from a handhold motion blurred image.


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